Envelope pillow cover

So I decided to add a couple personalized touches to the boy’s room-

With Trenton I wanted to try the ruffled Letter–lets just say it was the first time i made this and now i know where i can improve. Next time i will not have white in the “letter” fabric (since you can see the white stripes).

On the back of this one I did the blue/green/white stripe fabric to give it some visual interest.

I did the “envelope” design (sorry forgot to take a pic-I will try to post one later) but the pillow measured 16 inches by 16 inches so on the back I cut two pieces of the fabric 17×10 and overlapped them so i can always wash and/or put a new insert.

and on Brayton’s i wanted to try the freezer paper stencil – so I cut out the “B” out of freezer paper and ironed (shiny side down) onto fabric and then spray painted,  YES  spray paint you heard me right, spray paint the whole piece of fabric-then just sew the front to back just like a slip cover.

Only one mistake on this one..the B is just a little too far into the corner.

Then i sewed just like Trenton’s the back is an envelope, 2 peices cut 17×10 and overlapped.

One thought on “Envelope pillow cover

  1. Just stopping by from Blogelina to say hi

    !These are pretty great! Especially for first tries with these methods. I’m sure when I finally get around to projects like these, I’ll have extreme mistakes!

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