it’s been way too long…

since I have posted anything. I have been thinking of things to post but just never find the time to actually write them down. I haven’t even uploaded Christmas pictures until now.  Usually I am super on top of things like this.

Santa brought the boys a bunk bed for Christmas, Brayton can’t move up to the big boy bed yet but maybe 6 months to a year, which I am ready for his room to be my sewing/craft room now, but I am trying to be patient.

So usually I have a New Years resolution of 1) weight loss, 2) eating better, 3) a happy, loving, positive outlook on life and family.  This year I am trying something new, I want an organized, simple, clean, decorated home.  No fuss, clutter, or extra things we don’t need.  Slowly we are making progress. I made a table in Brayton’s room with my sewing machine and cricut on it. I moved the book shelf in there, now I just have to get the boys 8 of those Ikea spice racks/front facing book shelves.  Super excited about pinterest-a little too much time spent on pinterest actually but it is so motivating – kinda instead of working on projects I seem to just get more and more “ideas”.

I did this week make a crayon roll for one of the little boys in Trenton’s class- i used my cricut for the first time with the “T”, I am definitely learning.

I also have made a few more cloth diapers-I have gotten a few orders for them and bibs. I am trying to make upgrades to make them even better,  experimenting with leg gussets and working on inserts.

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