Tagxedo Fun

                                                                           {tandbproducts Cloud made from blog address}

I have a new found love … Tagxedo

 Tagxedo is a free program where you choose your words, shapes and fonts and it creates a fun word cloud. You can enter your blog address and it will make a cloud of all the words from your site. You can easily go in and remove any words you don’t want. So many options.. you can print save and share the HTML code. I did have to play around in it for a while to get the hang of everything but it was very simple. You can google “Tagxedo Tutorial” to find tons of tutorials for what ever project you have in mind!
  •  To make a word bigger just type it in multiple times and to make a double word like social butterfly trpe it in using a ~ instead of a space  “social~butterfly” It will become one word.
  • To skip a word go to Word/Layout Options and select the skip tab

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