I seriously spent way too long this morning on pinterest finding *My Favorites* but this week I am doing things a little different-not rooms, or home decor but Organization…this was my new years resolution and (very) slowly but surely I am getting to each room in our home-I feel like there is always that one little part in every room that just gives me heck..boys room=toys, kitchen=pantry items, bathroom=medicines, our room=just keeping it relaxing, and in the sewing/craft room=my projects I am currently working on.

Well when I type it all out like that it seems like I still have A LOT to do -which I will be the first to admit I have a HUGE job ahead of me-and it will probably take ALL year to accomplish it..but I am willing.

This is saving money, organized, and super cute all-in-one

This blog is another great example of food storage, neat and tidy-and inviting

Even though this post isn’t even about the home…it is about staying organized in every aspect of life..because if you are only organized at home-you will still either lose something in your car, forget something, or even more of a problem your mind/emotions can be in disorder.


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