in progress..

it seems like every time I plan on working on sewing, crafting, etc. something comes up. Does it ever feel like you have so much to do, and so little time to do it all? Yet when you look back you wonder what took up all your time….I have been in progress of making my inventory to start my “booth” in town, and I thought it would only take me a week/week and a half and now almost three weeks later I have only 9 done minus snaps, a price list COMPLETELY done {woohoo} and a sign drying waiting for another coat of paint and then words.

My {resolution organized house} is SO much harder than I ever imagined, I get one room semi-organized and then I jump to another project 😦 so I have what seems to be little organized areas throughout the whole house, and a crazy, chaotic, messy rest of the home!

I am really really trying to find a balance-crafting/organizing/cleaning not just have some projects done and a home that looks like a tornado went through it and then backed up and went through it again.

One thing I find myself doing is ….  {I know it’s awful and I have been trying what seems like my WHOLE life to stop doing} … COMPARING – I read my fair share of blogs and I love and get inspired from each and every one of them…but in the same breath of inspiration I exhale in frustration, as I wonder how some of the house tours I have seen, they have gorgeous homes without a speck of dirt and  full of personality, and DIY projects.

Someday I will fully enjoy, relax, and be inspired in my home-until then I guess I will be praying for more time in the day, time to share with the boys, and a clean clean home. {and some beautiful craft projects along the way}


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