finished up…

some of my goals from last week…I still feel like I am 5 steps behind where I feel like I should be, I wanted to have everything done and in the shop 2 weeks ago 😦 well I guess it just takes time-two boys, only one that takes naps occasionally, spring break (can’t believe how much I can get done with just 3 hours a day, 3 days a week)

I did finish COMPLETELY 15 inserts yesterday- I feel so accomplished even though my list of things to do is far from being done.

So now that’s:

one sign…DONE

one price list…DONE

5 girl, 5 boy, and 5 unisex inserts…DONE

{my charger for my camera broke, had to use my old school cell phone camera}

Now for the two days of this weekend left, rainy, cold, and gloomy days at that. I may be able to accomplish some more, since house is super clean {we may be having a sleep over with a couple friends this evening} laundry done, dishes done, T’s room clean, B’s/sewing room clean, our room clean, bathrooms shiny, and the kitchen is clean.

I do have some plans to have Tyson put up my floating shelf, and finish getting the Easter/Spring decorations down from the attic.  I have an idea for a super cute wreath. 🙂 excited to put my idea into real life.

Well I searched pinterest and of course I found one similar to my idea, I am excited it will give just the right amount of the much needed color to our front door.


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