2012 at a glance…

Its been a long time coming … I feel like a lot has happened in 2012 but then again I can’t really pin point the events. As you (if you have read prior posts) know our laptop’s monitor decided it didn’t want to be part of our family anymore and to repair it would have been an arm, leg and a small child-so we decided to wait till Santa could help out and just get a desktop computer, so if anything decided to go out again we could just replace it.  So as part of our Christmas present from my parents – the boys stayed with Grandma and Grandpa from Dec 26th – Dec 30th.  I had plans to CLEAN, CLEAN, and CLEAN some more!  I went through all toys and threw away small broken parts, things they didn’t play with anymore and just got everything organized it looked amazing in there. I semi-(what I could do)organized my sewing/craft room, shampooed the carpets, set up the computer, put away all the Christmas stuff we brought home, and just reconnected with my hubby! (which was the most important part, we haven’t had any time alone to go anywhere in years)  {will post pics of our time as soon as I can get them to show up on my computer ;-(}

{Portland from the 8th floor of the parking garage}

portland december 2

{so I really wanted a pic of just us-but I think I may need

to edit out the guy who looks like he just ate a lemon}

portland december 3

{the glass top building is the mall}

portland december 4


portland December

{Beach trip Southern Oregon}

beach boys edited

{Lakeside, Oregon :-)}

boat edited

{the boys actually looking at the camera almost at the same time}

boys edited

{After 3 and a half years-we got the Falcon running!!}

falcon edited

{Trenton’s first day of Kindergarten}

first day of k edited

{Airshow in Hillsboro}

me edited

{Picking raspberries and blackberries-I think we ate just as much as  what we put in our buckets.}

raspberry picking edited


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