homemade birthday gifts

I don’t know what it is about giving gifts that just brings me SO much joy! Is it the designing the gift, actually finishing a project, having a deadline, wrapping it up, or seeing that adorable little smile on the little child’s face when they open it up? I think it may be ALL of those things that urges me to make my own…. Image

{i know pattern is upside down, I realized when I was ironing them after they were complete. Oh well that’s what I get for cutting the pattern out from the wrong side-WITHOUT checking from the right side….oops we learn from our mistakes..right? }

Trenton’s little friend T got these bad boys for his #6 birthday a couple of weekends ago. They were so much fun to make-I made some boy pants for both of my little boys a year or so ago using this pattern but for some reason I think these will hold up better as I learned from my mistakes {not the patterns} I needed to reinforce the seams a little more, add a little more wiggle room in the waist and NOT use seersucker fabric…even though they were SO stinkin’ adorable.  {i will try to find a pic}


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