So someday in the next year or so we are going to have a kitchen/dining/ living room open up-renovation and I have been looking up all the neat ideas for function/organization, and of course a few things that are just pretty! Having to do with cabinets, appliances, islands etc.

here are my faves:

I LOVE the way this spice jar, measuring cup/spoon drawer looks-hidden but easily accessible

{you can find it here }

the way the butcher block looks is so homey, rustic, yet clean

i want this on my island/cooktop area

{find it here}

such a smart idea instead of having the utensil *bucket{s} on the counter

{found here}

i am obsessed with the white and the POP of color-not sure what color I would use but awww!!

{find it here}

S.M.A.R.T-y pants who thought of this one!!!

{here is where I found this one}

I am pretty sure I LOVE everything about this!

hood, stools, words, cabinetry, glass doors, lights!

{found here}

Farmhouse Sink–need I say more.

{here is where I found this beauty}

perfect to find EVERYTHING

{found here}



pendants and an amazing neutral double bar stool

{found it here}

another one of those genius counter space savers!

{I found it here}



I love everything!!


I know it is a very lengthy post, and full of pics!!  Just have a ton on my mind and so so nice to

get it all out in one place.


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