Being a mom it is one of the hardest things to see your kid try so hard at things, and give up because it is “hard”.  There are some things that I just want to do for them, but some things they have to learn all by them self.

I have seen Trenton evolve the last few weeks.

At the end of December he was really getting frustrated with sounding words out.  He knew all the sounds that each letter made, but seeing them in an actual word took it to the next level.  Rhyming  every word he heard, “run, fun…bread, said…milk, silk…..” this is all I heard for a week  or two, or three, then last week he started sounding out every thing, “r..e..d—Momma does that spell red?, m..i..l..k Momma does that spell milk?”

Over the weekend he told me that he had a reading folder in his backpack, so I got it out and didn’t do as much as we should have with it, so Monday right after he got out of school I got out the book that was in the folder, Sam and Al.

I told him to try as hard as he could to read it to me while I made lunch.  I heard, “S..a..m, Sam, i…s, is, a, c..a..t, cat–Momma Sam is a cat!!”  the joy in his eyes and in his voice was PRICELESS!!


{Momma loves you and is SO proud of you!}


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