a new project…

As you may already know I have been selling my cloth diapers in a local cutesy store, well I had an email in my inbox the other morning which took me by surprise,  A lady had been in the shop and loved my diapers, and asked if I had ever made “mommy-pads” I had replied with a no but I was willing to try,  So today that was my project of the day-I knew I wanted a ‘pocket’ pad so you can add more or less depending on your needs, and I wanted to add wings for stay-ability, and also some super cute fabric. 🙂

so this is was I came up with…


Semi like an envelope pillow cover on the top (hard to see with this cute chevron print) but it’s there!  The back is just solid black-it consists of  a waterproof layer above the black, and an absorbent layer above that, and  another black layer inside on top of that so you don’t have to see the white absorbent layer.

I am working on the insert now and will post a picture of that as soon as it is completed.

I also am planning on adding snaps to the wings so don’t have to worry about velcro getting ruined in the washing process.


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