updates to closet makeover..

My lovely husband helped me (installed) the Martha Stewart closet kit for me in our master bedroom-So far we love it, it isn’t as *pretty* as I would hope it to be yet but it is super functional and holds everything we need.  I LOVE the shoe holder and how everything has a place-it’s not just thrown up on a shelf or on the floor.


We still need to get Bi-Fold door so we can open it completely up…I haven’t found the perfect ones for the perfect price yet….but soon


Also I completed the Boys’ closet – with my DIY project adding a shelf and cutting the existing rods to fit two on each side.

We have been using the system now for a month or so and there are a few things I will probably change…I still also need to label everything

Trenton’s side


Brayton’s side


The shelf in the middle fit their toy bins perfect—instead of having tons of small toys out all over the floor, or in bins (like we tried first)  which was a HUGE FAIL, I decided we would put them all in closed containers and get one out a day- it is like Christmas, they love playing with *new toys everyday.

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