Freezer Preparing

I have been trying to cook healthy, save money, and get food on the table before 6 my answer is freezer preparing.  That is what I have chosen to call it because I don’t usually have to “cook” much before it goes straight into the freezer.


Cafe Rio Style Burritos-Our absolute favorite!!  you can find the recipe here.  You will regret it if you don’t try it.

02222013256 - CopyThis Ham and Cheese braid was yummy ( a little less of the ranch packet and it would have been perfect)

Find the recipe here


Green Chicken Enchiladas–this was so yummy!!  recipe here


Sausage doesn’t sound amazing but oh it is!  you can find the recipe here

These are just a few of the favorites from the last couple weeks!  They all got 2 thumbs up from all three boys.

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