Teacher Gift

We have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off, I should know better because every year June 1st it always seems like life gets a little crazy.  Our next couple months looks like this…  6 days of kindergarten left for Mr. T, one month and 7 days till his Bday party,  and in between is Father’s day, my father-in-laws 60th bday, motocross races every Thursday, (our washer quit)  and to top it all off I have been working a LOT more the past couple weeks, with graduation right around the corner we have been CRAZY busy!!

I have managed to get a few things done this week though–I made a tote for Trenton’s teacher, we will give it to her the last day of school.  I am SO proud of the way it turned out.




I got the pattern from my favorite place to get tutorials, MADE  she is so clear on her directions, she adds TONS of pictures, and her fabric choices are so stinkin’ cute.  (while I was sewing the bag up I had Trenton scroll down the page on the tutorial for me,  he said, “oh this looks easy momma, you just sew the fabric, then sew the other fabric, put one of the bags inside the other one, add handles and sew it again, DONE”)  I couldn’t have said it any better than that myself, she does make it look super easy, and it was.  It took me maybe an hour total-and that’s with interruptions from 2 boys 🙂  the part that took the longest was cutting the pieces out.

I have to get some more ink…(seems like every time I need to print something I have to get more ink) but I am printing this cute little tag to go on the outside of the bag,

TOTEally Awesome Teacher Tag


go print one here

I am probably going to pick up the stuff for the inside this afternoon, I was thinking cute pens, hand sanitizer, little pocket pack Kleenex, maybe a magazine, and a chocolate bar 🙂  I will try to take a picture of the completed project before we give it to her!


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