Summer is so close

we can TASTE it 🙂  I can’t tell you enough how much I love berries/fruit, taking the boys berry picking, making jam, and just overall enjoying what earth grows for us.  I am so excited for this summer, my goal is to can as much as I can…or as much as I can store 🙂


We don’t have a “garden” like I would love yet..we have too many trees which in turn equals too much shade-but we do have a strawberry plant that the boys LOVE!  Yesterday Brayton and I got 5 yummy yummies.

I have found a few blogs on canning this one is a great place to start...this one has some great recipes, and different methods!

My mom used to can a lot so our goal this summer is to start with green beans, then i believe it’s cherries, plums, jams, pickles, peaches, pears, (and anything else I forgot).  I am excited to get to spend some time in the kitchen with her.


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