my next adventure…CANNING!

I have wanted to can for the past 3 or so years but just never “got around” to doing anything about it.  So now we have some friends that the hubby and boys LOVE dirtbikes, and the wife loves canning, and baking, and I love sewing and crafting so I say, “perfect combo”. The guys hang out and do boy stuff and we starting tomorrow are going to start canning pickles-I am so stinking excited I can’t handle myself.  Then I want to try my hand at peaches, green beans, and then maybe when the tomatoes are ready I want soup and canned tomatoes.

I went out last night to Bi-Mart and bought some jars to get me started and some super duper cute sticky labels for my jars at Target.


I may have to head back to get some more of these CUTE labels. For only $1 each for 18 labels you can’t even make them for that cheap.


and there is just something about a new case of jars that just screams homemade


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