Day 4 of 30 days of November

Day 4 of 30 days of November

it wasn’t too much but this was our “Halloween” front door. A coffee filter wreath that i whipped up in like an hour and a half (felt like eternity). It was super easy, just VERY time consuming. I do love the way it turned out though. I can add different ribbons, different decorations for different Holidays/seasons.
Then there are the pumpkins that my dad grew in his garden. He always tries to grow one BIG pumpkin so he ends up cutting off the smaller ones and giving them to the boys.
The straw bale was not on purpose, I had to dress up like a scarecrow for work, so I just bought the bale for my legs, arms, pockets and in my hair. So I decided to use it here. There you have it, nothing fancy just simple. Makes me even more eager to paint the house, all the trim and that door. Lets just say it looks great from a distance.


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