Craft Room re-do

I have slowly been figuring what I need to finish my craft room, I knew the look I was looking for, and I knew what pieces I was going to use that I already have, but actually going through with the clearing off of the bookshelves and moving them was the part that takes some time-

wpid-wp-1400611656126.jpgSorry phone pics and the light is SOO off-but you get the point! I am still waiting to find just the right door for my table {little skinnier, and a little longer-like what we all wish for right ;-)}  also so it makes for a little bit more workspace-but for now untill I find the door that calls my name this will work great!

wpid-wp-1400611624429.jpgHere is a different angle-I am excited for the way it turned out! Now I also am in look out for a wide dresser that I can paint and do a few tricks to – that I have up my sleeve and have been dying to try!

wpid-wp-1400611645092.jpgI can’t wait to do a little something to this wall—and eventually paint the whole room !!

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