Friday Pinterest Favorites

100_6373with warm weather here..(hope it stays) it brings so many more options, summer salads, hamburgers, outdoor play/projects, gardening and more so I am here to show you my favorites this week.

These homemade Bread Machine pretzel buns are AMAZING!! find the recipe {and lots more yummy recipes} here

Trying hard to be healthy-and this makes it so convenient-  Those two words are usually NEVER in the same sentance.  Find the recipe here.

I haven’t tried this yet but oh goodness does it look amazing-the link is here.

I don’t even think this needs words…its beautiful, relaxing, romantic, {kid-friendly} and semi looks like what our back yard “could” look like-key words could 🙂 link is here

What more could say summer than a SUPER cute homemade bag-you can never have too many bags right? find the link here

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