few new things going on around these parts….

so I tend to get in over my head with things.  I love starting/trying new things but this time I have hit the mother load- first off let me tell you a few things. So I did a Facebook challenge in August and did really great at it for about 8 weeks, the last two weeks not so much.  Total I lost 13 lbs and have for the most part kept it off give or take a lb or so.  I am tired of just doing these things and still feeling like poop.  I lived on coffee and eating good but I was still exhausted, and never felt rested.

So now back to today or shall we start with yesterday 🙂 I started my first AdvoCare 24 day challenge and am feeling great.  I also like always jumped right in head first and became a distributor. Interested in trying product, becoming a distributor, or just have a question you can comment or you can go to my website.


I am going to try to post my food choices and my thoughts and concerns daily … I will be posting my meal prep soon (we are going to be heading to Costco for our big shopping trip this evening)

I am on day 2 today and yesterday went well.  I am a COFFEE drinker and of all days crazy how I chose to start my challenge on NATIONAL COFFEE DAY  crazy huh.  I know it was meant to be.  I love coffee and I love creamer-I think that has been my set back all along. I am now 2 days completely coffee free !!

So I LOVE the Spark – I chose the Watermelon flavor and it literally tastes just like a jolly rancher.  The pills are horse pills but still managed to slide them right down 🙂 The fiber drink is different to state it nicely.  I read a few people say to just chug it so I did on day one.  Today was a different story.  I work in the daycare of the local gym and today was Baby day lol not really but it really felt like it.  We had 4 babies and two toddlers that were wanting to be held.  Keep in mind there is only 2 of us adults.  Only 4 legs 🙂 so all that to say I let my fiber drink sit a little bit too long and it turned to gel….I got it all down though.

more updates to come.  hope to hear from you all about your experiences with the 24 day challenge.

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