february was here and now its gone…

I know I always say how fast time flies but really….I cannot even fathom how tomorrow is March 1st, that doesn’t even sound like it could be real.  We have been keeping busy over here in our parts but not with anything too exciting, or anything that I even want to be busy with lol…we are almost done with our oldests sons room (I will try to find some pictures soon…before and afters are what I live for ;-))

Getting ready for taxes is our other thing that is keeping us super busy, oh oh oh and our water heater decided to completely go out on us, so we already had the new thankless water heater mounted on the wall but it was not piped in yet…so now with waiting on contractors to give me quotes then deciding they didn’t want to take on the job, to waiting on parts to arrive (and a box missing two major parts) we are still waiting – we are going on 3 weeks and 2 days now without hot water.  We are very blessed though since I am still working at the gym in the daycare they are kind enough to let me shower there and the boys have swimming lessons and use the showers there!  It has become the new norm.


I have signed up to receive stitch fix boxes every month and it is one of my new favorite things ever…(with 2 boys shopping for myself is difficult) .you receive 5 items every month and you only pay for what you keep, and in a special prepaid package you send back what doesn’t work for you.  Your personal stylist picks items out just for you.   I feel like she knows my style better than I do ;-)! I will try to start taking pictures of all the items, and what I decide to keep.  They have all been amazing so far- I will recievre box #3 around the 10th of March!

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