21 freezer meals….12 Freezer dinners, 4 freezer breakfasts, and 5 freezer lunches, in the freezer NOW .

21 freezer meals

I have been doing freezer meals ever since my second son was born almost 4 years ago. (I don’t know why I have never REALLY shared on here about my experiences)

 I was very very blessed to have a family friend watch my oldest (3 1/2 at the time) when I was in the hospital with my second.  When we were discharged from the hospital keep in mind 4 days later. We went to pick him up and go home as a New family of 4.  Stressed already about having a December baby.  Driving home in the snow, Not being able to drive myself anywhere for anything, To my surprise she sent us home with a HUGE box and 2 paper bags full of meals-prepared and already frozen.  She even included most of the “extra” things that go with the meals, What I mean by that is if the meal was Spaghetti, she had a loaf of bread and a bag of salad to go with it in the bag as well.   It was such a huge blessing to our family.

With my first son I was able to have him naturally, but with my second he was very stubborn and never flipped over not even once after I hit my 5th month of the pregnancy-so being breach I had to have a c-section.

So ever since she blessed us with all these meals, I have tried to always have some ready in our freezers.  Or if I make a meal I try to double it so I can eat one and put one away in the freezer for another day. This comes in so handy when we have a busy week, busy day, or if someone you know is struggling with surgery, finances, or anything else.

This week I was able to put together a HUGE list of some our favorites.

Head to the grocery store

And fill up our freezer.

The recipes I included were:


                     Spicy mexican sirloin roast and mexican corn salsa to go along with it.

                     Meatloaf with brown sugar glaze

                    Slow cooker beef fajitas

                   Tamale Pie

                  Taco Casserole


                  Chicken and bean tacos

                  White Chicken Chilli

                  Slow cooker chicken fajitas

                  Tortellini soup

                 Chicken soup


                Honey Sesame pork roast

                Pulled pork for sandwiches


               7 Layer Nachos

               Alfredo mac and cheese cups

             Slow cooker refried beans

            Bean and cheese burritos

              chicken for chicken salad


              Maple Breakfast cake

             Spiced pumpkin bread

             pb granola bars

             healthy Granola

*pictures and recipes to come soon!!

Time flies-if you blink you’ll miss it.

996506_4458920249465_1057415554_nI seriously can’t believe it’s almost been a year since Trenton turned 6…planning his 7th birthday is coming along quite nice actually but thinking about how fast a year goes by these days is just crazy. Seems just like yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital, as first time parents, not knowing what to expect…or even what to do for that matter.  Living 2 and a half to three hours away from parents..it was all on us.  I am thankful for a loving husband that provides for us, and believes in us day in and day out.

Fathers Day just came and went and what a great day of celebrating Daddy that was. DSC_0167

with a great race down in Albany…it was our first time there and definitely not our last!

Now it’s on to planning our first summer pool party of the year with our great friends…then 4th of July, then Grandpa’s birthday then #7 for Trenton.  (not to mention repainting garage door, underside of all our eaves, window seals, and ripping out our deck to get ready for NEW windows and NEW siding *woop woop*)

it’s that time of year again….


This year is flying by I can’t even believe that school will be out in three short months. In four short months I will have a SEVEN year old—oh goodness gracious, Well excited to see what we get accomplished this Break!…I plan to finish a lot of projects, organization, and CLEANING!!

I have printed some cute decor prints to re-decorate a little for spring.  I need to put them in frames, I printed a checklist for Little T- for morning, afternoon, and night. I am really trying to ingrain a routine into him so I don’t have to sound like a broken record all day long.  I don’t think I am asking too much- he is six now-and should know what is expected of him.

I really want to make a growth chart out of reclaimed wood-organize our linen closet, get a after-school snack system going, and a reward bin filled!  A few months ago we started a punch card system-and a 6-dime-a-day electronic system, (maybe a post about both of these soon) so far they have been working pretty well, except the bin needs re-filled.  Also I need to be better about really sticking to *when you are good and finish your stuff, then it results in a reward*

My list is a mile long I feel like-

*home-made gifts for 2 friends babies

*re-claimed growth chart x3

*organize linen closet

*2 crib quilts for two adorable little girlies

*spring cleaning

*spice cupboard

*pantry labels

*sew a few tote bags

*frame daily checklist

*gallery wall

*spring decor

*sand and paint dining table and benches

*cut some more limbs off our crazy amount of trees


Ok so I guess we will start with this list and see how far we get this week 🙂

finishing up a few projects

I have some friends that had to adorable baby girls last September, I have been trying to make them info canvases for quite some time now…I finally finished them up them this morning…I still need to do a couple touch-ups but I LOVE them so far!


Feels so good to (almost) finish a project!

my next adventure…CANNING!

I have wanted to can for the past 3 or so years but just never “got around” to doing anything about it.  So now we have some friends that the hubby and boys LOVE dirtbikes, and the wife loves canning, and baking, and I love sewing and crafting so I say, “perfect combo”. The guys hang out and do boy stuff and we starting tomorrow are going to start canning pickles-I am so stinking excited I can’t handle myself.  Then I want to try my hand at peaches, green beans, and then maybe when the tomatoes are ready I want soup and canned tomatoes.

I went out last night to Bi-Mart and bought some jars to get me started and some super duper cute sticky labels for my jars at Target.


I may have to head back to get some more of these CUTE labels. For only $1 each for 18 labels you can’t even make them for that cheap.


and there is just something about a new case of jars that just screams homemade

a little more organization is on the menu

I really have been kicking it in gear when it comes to organizing the piles, cupboards, drawers, shelves, closets and everything else in our home-this week I was pushed a little harder and faster than I wanted but my little boy who is 2 and a half-ish decided he wanted to start getting into EVERYTHING-he sees mommy and daddy cleaning so today I got out of the bathroom after probably 2minutes and 22 seconds had passed and he was washing his Mcqueen and Ramone cars with my favorite Awesome Cleaner –  So I knew I needed to change something about all the cleaners  being under the kitchen sink.

So here was my solution…a over the door shoe holder from Walmart-(30 minute drive for me but it was half the price of target) for $5.86

it has just enough room for my foil, garbage bags cleaners, extra sponges and everything else that was living under the sink..and the 2nd best part about it it…I don’t have to get on my hands and knees with a flashlight just to find a new sponge.


Next I decided while I am at it I might as well get a 2nd shoe holder for all of our first aide/medicines.


The door is in my sewing room, so it works perfect-since we NEVER close this door so no one really even knows ALL of this is behind there-also it freed up SO much space in our bathroom drawers/medicine cabinets/ and in my closet.

I think this was the best $11.72 I have spent in a LONG time

all pedals now..

I don’t know what it is but my baby is growing up right before my eyes.  First it was his big boy haircut (pictures to come soon) and now it’s the tricycle–he loves it.  He wants to ride it everywhere-to his room, to give daddy kisses goodnight, to brush his teeth, to eat lunch, dinner, breakfast!!   EVERYWHERE…I do have to say I did enjoy not having to push a stroller last night though, on our walk.