Friday Pinterest Favorites

100_6373with warm weather here..(hope it stays) it brings so many more options, summer salads, hamburgers, outdoor play/projects, gardening and more so I am here to show you my favorites this week.

These homemade Bread Machine pretzel buns are AMAZING!! find the recipe {and lots more yummy recipes} here

Trying hard to be healthy-and this makes it so convenient-  Those two words are usually NEVER in the same sentance.  Find the recipe here.

I haven’t tried this yet but oh goodness does it look amazing-the link is here.

I don’t even think this needs words…its beautiful, relaxing, romantic, {kid-friendly} and semi looks like what our back yard “could” look like-key words could 🙂 link is here

What more could say summer than a SUPER cute homemade bag-you can never have too many bags right? find the link here

Friday Pinterest Favorites-quilt edition


This week is all about quilts…I am so into them and can’t seem to get enough.  I have been looking at all the different techniques, tutorials, patterns, and sizes.

LOVE the patterns, colors, triangles, and the backing, find the tutorial {the link says tutorial but there is not one :-(}  here.

Chevrons and polka dots..whats not to love!  its for sale on etsy here

i know chevron again…but this one is beautiful!  it looks semi-simple find the COMPLETE tutorial here

I think this piping is so so cute.  I have a feeling all my projects will have piping now!  She makes it look pretty simple too..find the tutorial here.

isn’t this too die for!  Love the colors, the squares and the super cute polka dot border! find the tutorial here.

this is a great tutorial for binding!

not tutorial that i found on her site but a cute blog

link no longer available but isn’t this so adorable!

such a fun quilt…I will probably never venture to doing but i like the idea of a pattern down the middle..find the tutorial here.

it’s that time of year again….


This year is flying by I can’t even believe that school will be out in three short months. In four short months I will have a SEVEN year old—oh goodness gracious, Well excited to see what we get accomplished this Break!…I plan to finish a lot of projects, organization, and CLEANING!!

I have printed some cute decor prints to re-decorate a little for spring.  I need to put them in frames, I printed a checklist for Little T- for morning, afternoon, and night. I am really trying to ingrain a routine into him so I don’t have to sound like a broken record all day long.  I don’t think I am asking too much- he is six now-and should know what is expected of him.

I really want to make a growth chart out of reclaimed wood-organize our linen closet, get a after-school snack system going, and a reward bin filled!  A few months ago we started a punch card system-and a 6-dime-a-day electronic system, (maybe a post about both of these soon) so far they have been working pretty well, except the bin needs re-filled.  Also I need to be better about really sticking to *when you are good and finish your stuff, then it results in a reward*

My list is a mile long I feel like-

*home-made gifts for 2 friends babies

*re-claimed growth chart x3

*organize linen closet

*2 crib quilts for two adorable little girlies

*spring cleaning

*spice cupboard

*pantry labels

*sew a few tote bags

*frame daily checklist

*gallery wall

*spring decor

*sand and paint dining table and benches

*cut some more limbs off our crazy amount of trees


Ok so I guess we will start with this list and see how far we get this week 🙂

Diaper Clutch

(*sorry not the greatest picture*)        This little diaper clutch is SO super handy and “adorable” in my book. It is waterproof inside so if there is ever an accident – you can put the wet clothes right inside and not hurt anything.  It is also big enough to hold a travel size wipe case two diapers and you could probably sneak in a pair of dry, clean pants without making it too bulky.

baby shower gift

I am so excited about these…bibs that my little guy cannot take off.  We are having such a problem with that with the velcro ones i got from the baby shower. i reach to get another spoonfull and i turn back to give it to him and “ta-dah” his bib is off.

i LOVE it when i have friends/family that have sweet little girls…so i can use Pink!!

Then back to orange/green/brown for boys 🙂