clean-out and a re-arrange *boys room*

I started out by just picking up the boys’ room, and then I just seemed frustrated. Too much stuff in a small {pretty big but seemed small} space. So i started with 2 garbage bags and a actual garbage can, I started going through first the closet and picking through each shirt, jacket, and checking sizes.  Moving from one side to the other if outgrown, and if it was too small for both boys into one of the bags.  After all closets and drawers were cleaned out I had one STUFFED bag of clothes and shoes. {sorry in advance-this post is lengthy and contains TONS of pictures}

{before: of the dresser, outgrown diaper basket, art/homework table}



{After: moved to the other side of the room so I can actually see the map-I would love to paint this dresser someday}

DSC_0022{before: the book shelf, EVERYTHING that L1 loves to have displayed and an explosion of toys}


{after: book shelf completely gone through and organized – some books are going to a new home, and you can actually see the WHOLE map!}


Next I organized all the boys’ dresser drawers-having only one dresser to share and having quite a selection of clothes, things can get crazy. I will show you my solution though, and so far it seems to work pretty well for them.

{drawer #1-L1 socks on left, L1 undies middle, L2 socks right}

DSC_0043{Drawer #2 –  L1’s Shorts left to comfy pants middle to jeans right}

All folded and stacked on their side as you can see, so he can see everything he has without digging and pulling out everything {not like he did that in the past or anything}.


{Drawer #3 – another shared drawer.  L1’s jammies on the left and L2’s jammies on the right.  Tops and bottoms together so they can grab and go. Since if your a momma of boys you know NOTHING happens slowly!!}

DSC_0040{Drawer #4-is all L2’s far left is his undies [very reachable] then shorts, comfy pants and jeans}

DSC_0041{the left side of the closet is L2’s side and short sleeve shirts on the top bar and long sleeve shirts/jackets are on the bottom bar.  L2’s shoes are on the bottom shelf.  You can see the toy “bins” that we did a year or so ago are still on the shelf and we love it this way…read about that change here}

DSC_0027{L1’s side of the closet!!  I can tell by his shirts he is getting so big}

DSC_0028Map and clock wall-I let the boys point to places on the globe to put their time on the clocks. Turkey and China it was.

DSC_0039 {I love the ikea spice rack – book shelves-I have moved the bed since I put them up a year ago or so, so they aren’t centered any more, but it seems to work just fine–they love to have their books within arms reach.} DSC_0052


it’s been way too long…

since I have posted anything. I have been thinking of things to post but just never find the time to actually write them down. I haven’t even uploaded Christmas pictures until now.  Usually I am super on top of things like this.

Santa brought the boys a bunk bed for Christmas, Brayton can’t move up to the big boy bed yet but maybe 6 months to a year, which I am ready for his room to be my sewing/craft room now, but I am trying to be patient.

So usually I have a New Years resolution of 1) weight loss, 2) eating better, 3) a happy, loving, positive outlook on life and family.  This year I am trying something new, I want an organized, simple, clean, decorated home.  No fuss, clutter, or extra things we don’t need.  Slowly we are making progress. I made a table in Brayton’s room with my sewing machine and cricut on it. I moved the book shelf in there, now I just have to get the boys 8 of those Ikea spice racks/front facing book shelves.  Super excited about pinterest-a little too much time spent on pinterest actually but it is so motivating – kinda instead of working on projects I seem to just get more and more “ideas”.

I did this week make a crayon roll for one of the little boys in Trenton’s class- i used my cricut for the first time with the “T”, I am definitely learning.

I also have made a few more cloth diapers-I have gotten a few orders for them and bibs. I am trying to make upgrades to make them even better,  experimenting with leg gussets and working on inserts.

baby shower gift

I am so excited about these…bibs that my little guy cannot take off.  We are having such a problem with that with the velcro ones i got from the baby shower. i reach to get another spoonfull and i turn back to give it to him and “ta-dah” his bib is off.

i LOVE it when i have friends/family that have sweet little girls…so i can use Pink!!

Then back to orange/green/brown for boys 🙂