it’s that time of year again….


This year is flying by I can’t even believe that school will be out in three short months. In four short months I will have a SEVEN year old—oh goodness gracious, Well excited to see what we get accomplished this Break!…I plan to finish a lot of projects, organization, and CLEANING!!

I have printed some cute decor prints to re-decorate a little for spring.  I need to put them in frames, I printed a checklist for Little T- for morning, afternoon, and night. I am really trying to ingrain a routine into him so I don’t have to sound like a broken record all day long.  I don’t think I am asking too much- he is six now-and should know what is expected of him.

I really want to make a growth chart out of reclaimed wood-organize our linen closet, get a after-school snack system going, and a reward bin filled!  A few months ago we started a punch card system-and a 6-dime-a-day electronic system, (maybe a post about both of these soon) so far they have been working pretty well, except the bin needs re-filled.  Also I need to be better about really sticking to *when you are good and finish your stuff, then it results in a reward*

My list is a mile long I feel like-

*home-made gifts for 2 friends babies

*re-claimed growth chart x3

*organize linen closet

*2 crib quilts for two adorable little girlies

*spring cleaning

*spice cupboard

*pantry labels

*sew a few tote bags

*frame daily checklist

*gallery wall

*spring decor

*sand and paint dining table and benches

*cut some more limbs off our crazy amount of trees


Ok so I guess we will start with this list and see how far we get this week 🙂

new cloth diapies…

I made an extra diaper for B – for this weekend, this is the first time we have went somewhere while using the cloth diapers for longer than just  a day trip.  Semi-nervous … I know it will be fine, and there is going to be washer/dryer- so I really guess there is nothing to worry about. I now have 3 finished “covers” and 14 inserts – 1 insert is just awaiting snaps. (so that will make 4 “covers”!!  I will take a pic of that one asap…it is SO SO cute (sharks).

*CAMO* 🙂

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so I know it sounds kind of silly..

but I this week instead of running to the store and buying a big box of diapers I decided I would try out my cloth diapers that I make and sell- I figured what better way to see where I need to make changes and what I love, if they leak/or not, you know the usual stuff when you try them out for yourself.  Brayton makes it REALLY hard to take pictures so I just had to steal a couple. 

 the diaper I made for him turned out SO cute.  I need to add a couple more snaps to it though. He is so much bigger than I realize.  I even got to use my cricut and put a “B” on the butt.

it’s been way too long…

since I have posted anything. I have been thinking of things to post but just never find the time to actually write them down. I haven’t even uploaded Christmas pictures until now.  Usually I am super on top of things like this.

Santa brought the boys a bunk bed for Christmas, Brayton can’t move up to the big boy bed yet but maybe 6 months to a year, which I am ready for his room to be my sewing/craft room now, but I am trying to be patient.

So usually I have a New Years resolution of 1) weight loss, 2) eating better, 3) a happy, loving, positive outlook on life and family.  This year I am trying something new, I want an organized, simple, clean, decorated home.  No fuss, clutter, or extra things we don’t need.  Slowly we are making progress. I made a table in Brayton’s room with my sewing machine and cricut on it. I moved the book shelf in there, now I just have to get the boys 8 of those Ikea spice racks/front facing book shelves.  Super excited about pinterest-a little too much time spent on pinterest actually but it is so motivating – kinda instead of working on projects I seem to just get more and more “ideas”.

I did this week make a crayon roll for one of the little boys in Trenton’s class- i used my cricut for the first time with the “T”, I am definitely learning.

I also have made a few more cloth diapers-I have gotten a few orders for them and bibs. I am trying to make upgrades to make them even better,  experimenting with leg gussets and working on inserts.

cloth diapies

So these ones are for a friends little boy who should be here in December but they have been a fun project that we have been working on.  Definitely a learning process-pattern, shape, snap placement, fabric choice, fold over elastic or inside elastic…so many possibilities it is endless!