So it has been awhile … a LONG while since my last Friday Pinterest Favorites-life is busy in the summer and well with Trenton racing ion Thursday’s now I just have not been on the ball enough to finish it Wednesday eve…

couldn’t find the link but here is the ingredients for these yummies

Thanksgiving/Halloween munch mix: -A BIG bowl -Cheese crackers (Cheeze its) -salted peanuts -Pretzel squares -Reese’s candy bits -Caramel corn -Honey nut cheerios -Cocoa puff-Candy corn -Mellowcreme pumpkins!

I love this simple lines, no clutter, and the grey color bead board is my absolute FAVE! Find this cuteness here.

Fall is going to be here before we know it…isnt this so cute!!

how sweet is this…i have had my eyes open for cute neatral bathroom decor since the main bath is also the boys’ bath I can’t have it too kidish-this is perfect, functional and beautiful!

I have a few friends that have buns in the oven-one has two in her oven, so even though i have already gifted her a few goodies..these are so stinkin cute!

I think that is all for this Friday…as you can see there was no rhyme or reason to todays favorites just random tidbits of what I am LOVING

baby shower gift

I am so excited about these…bibs that my little guy cannot take off.  We are having such a problem with that with the velcro ones i got from the baby shower. i reach to get another spoonfull and i turn back to give it to him and “ta-dah” his bib is off.

i LOVE it when i have friends/family that have sweet little girls…so i can use Pink!!

Then back to orange/green/brown for boys 🙂