Friday Pinterest Favorites!

This week we have been doing a lot to prepare our home for new siding and windows… WOOP WOOP

so I will show you my favorites

I love this porch light – I want it a little “less shiny” though.  A little more of a rustic feel.

I do LOVE LOVE this but it may be a little too large of scale!  but I love the lines and feel.

I am almost positive this is the light we are going to go with. Find it here.

Now lets move on to the garage door…remember we are trying to stay on a budget 🙂

while staying on a budget this is BEAUTIFUL!!…find the link here and I believe a tutorial.

I know this isn’t very exciting or pretty but it is very practical and keep all the unwanted leaves and dirt out.

find the link here

House numbers … there are SOO many choices.

I love how simple these numbers are….and so beautiful.  (I bet pretty reasonably priced too) find it here.

I love this too…a little more ornate-but still very beautiful. Find it here.

Friday Pinterest Favorites

100_6373with warm weather here..(hope it stays) it brings so many more options, summer salads, hamburgers, outdoor play/projects, gardening and more so I am here to show you my favorites this week.

These homemade Bread Machine pretzel buns are AMAZING!! find the recipe {and lots more yummy recipes} here

Trying hard to be healthy-and this makes it so convenient-  Those two words are usually NEVER in the same sentance.  Find the recipe here.

I haven’t tried this yet but oh goodness does it look amazing-the link is here.

I don’t even think this needs words…its beautiful, relaxing, romantic, {kid-friendly} and semi looks like what our back yard “could” look like-key words could 🙂 link is here

What more could say summer than a SUPER cute homemade bag-you can never have too many bags right? find the link here

Friday Pinterest Favorites-quilt edition


This week is all about quilts…I am so into them and can’t seem to get enough.  I have been looking at all the different techniques, tutorials, patterns, and sizes.

LOVE the patterns, colors, triangles, and the backing, find the tutorial {the link says tutorial but there is not one :-(}  here.

Chevrons and polka dots..whats not to love!  its for sale on etsy here

i know chevron again…but this one is beautiful!  it looks semi-simple find the COMPLETE tutorial here

I think this piping is so so cute.  I have a feeling all my projects will have piping now!  She makes it look pretty simple too..find the tutorial here.

isn’t this too die for!  Love the colors, the squares and the super cute polka dot border! find the tutorial here.

this is a great tutorial for binding!

not tutorial that i found on her site but a cute blog

link no longer available but isn’t this so adorable!

such a fun quilt…I will probably never venture to doing but i like the idea of a pattern down the middle..find the tutorial here.

Friday Pinterest Favorites


I found a new favorite Blog…

I am a little obsessed, thank goodness I was productive yesterday because today I have literally sat here and read this blog for a few (or more) hours

she has a great pinterest board and tons of amazing ideas.

here are a few that I *heart* most

i need spice organization BADLY, and these are so pretty, and bright,

how cute, happy and ready for spring is this canvas

such cute grocery list *free* printables, vibrant colors and fun clip art


and I already printed just have to put in a cute frame I am so excited hoping to do a gallery wall of some sorts SOONer than later

and her House Tour is simply inspiring that is all I can say go check it out HERE

have fun checking her blog out…(set an alarm so you don’t forget to get your kiddos from school) 🙂



So it has been awhile … a LONG while since my last Friday Pinterest Favorites-life is busy in the summer and well with Trenton racing ion Thursday’s now I just have not been on the ball enough to finish it Wednesday eve…

couldn’t find the link but here is the ingredients for these yummies

Thanksgiving/Halloween munch mix: -A BIG bowl -Cheese crackers (Cheeze its) -salted peanuts -Pretzel squares -Reese’s candy bits -Caramel corn -Honey nut cheerios -Cocoa puff-Candy corn -Mellowcreme pumpkins!

I love this simple lines, no clutter, and the grey color bead board is my absolute FAVE! Find this cuteness here.

Fall is going to be here before we know it…isnt this so cute!!

how sweet is this…i have had my eyes open for cute neatral bathroom decor since the main bath is also the boys’ bath I can’t have it too kidish-this is perfect, functional and beautiful!

I have a few friends that have buns in the oven-one has two in her oven, so even though i have already gifted her a few goodies..these are so stinkin cute!

I think that is all for this Friday…as you can see there was no rhyme or reason to todays favorites just random tidbits of what I am LOVING


This week is a little bit of a spring inspired mix

outdoors, spring decor, organization, and a craft for a BFF

isn’t this amazing,  letting the boys collect tons of pine-cones for a planter instead of just filling up jars, pockets, buckets, and hats

{sorry I can’t find the link for this post}

This is adorable for those rainy boots so the water can go right through the rocks find the link and tutorial  HERE

I know I know super random…a cute little vintage Camping Trailer…but really it is SO cute I guess this crazy favorite has evolved from my want for a camper/trailer and need to go camping (not in a tent) can you imagine? you could camp anywhere and it’s about the same size as our 4 man tent 🙂 I found this post on Pinterest but the link is now closed 😦

I am on the look out for adorable knobs…It is harder than I thought, To find something that will go together, yet not have a pattern or be to matchy, matchy  haha  I LOVE this one with the random girly touch of the flower knob.

awe … I WILL make these – Oregon and Nevada – {Miss you Courtney 🙂 } find the link HERE


Valentines Edition 🙂 We have been looking up ideas for T’s kindergarten class

these are our ones to choose from! (the “winners” in his book)

I LOVE these…(sorry about the link it is acting up a bit)


how “manly” are wheels nothing girly about that!!

I think this is our winner—but it all  depends on what “treats” we can find!!

I will keep my eye out for any erasers with wheels 🙂