it’s official…

we have finished getting new windows and siding!!  It has been a long road coming but we are sooo happy with the end results. 

house before and after


Before we had the installers put in the windows and siding we had to paint the garage door (oops which is not in the picture) and all the gutters and eaves, also the trim around the front door.

I am hoping to add more photos soon.   

Friday Pinterest Favorites!

This week we have been doing a lot to prepare our home for new siding and windows… WOOP WOOP

so I will show you my favorites

I love this porch light – I want it a little “less shiny” though.  A little more of a rustic feel.

I do LOVE LOVE this but it may be a little too large of scale!  but I love the lines and feel.

I am almost positive this is the light we are going to go with. Find it here.

Now lets move on to the garage door…remember we are trying to stay on a budget 🙂

while staying on a budget this is BEAUTIFUL!!…find the link here and I believe a tutorial.

I know this isn’t very exciting or pretty but it is very practical and keep all the unwanted leaves and dirt out.

find the link here

House numbers … there are SOO many choices.

I love how simple these numbers are….and so beautiful.  (I bet pretty reasonably priced too) find it here.

I love this too…a little more ornate-but still very beautiful. Find it here.

a little more organization is on the menu

I really have been kicking it in gear when it comes to organizing the piles, cupboards, drawers, shelves, closets and everything else in our home-this week I was pushed a little harder and faster than I wanted but my little boy who is 2 and a half-ish decided he wanted to start getting into EVERYTHING-he sees mommy and daddy cleaning so today I got out of the bathroom after probably 2minutes and 22 seconds had passed and he was washing his Mcqueen and Ramone cars with my favorite Awesome Cleaner –  So I knew I needed to change something about all the cleaners  being under the kitchen sink.

So here was my solution…a over the door shoe holder from Walmart-(30 minute drive for me but it was half the price of target) for $5.86

it has just enough room for my foil, garbage bags cleaners, extra sponges and everything else that was living under the sink..and the 2nd best part about it it…I don’t have to get on my hands and knees with a flashlight just to find a new sponge.


Next I decided while I am at it I might as well get a 2nd shoe holder for all of our first aide/medicines.


The door is in my sewing room, so it works perfect-since we NEVER close this door so no one really even knows ALL of this is behind there-also it freed up SO much space in our bathroom drawers/medicine cabinets/ and in my closet.

I think this was the best $11.72 I have spent in a LONG time