spice problem

I have this problem with not only having too many spices, but they are all in different jars, bottles, containers, and some I buy just a small amount from the bulk area and they are in bags. So organization is VERY minimal.  I am trying though.

I forgot to take a BEFORE picture of them all crazy in the cupboard but here is most of them on the counter.  DSC_0246

I actually have already started putting some of my spices in these cute glass jars from Bed Bath and Beyond-at only .99 cents a piece I just went for it.

I also bought this organizer to go in my upper cabinet.

DSC_0241but when I got it home it is just a hair to deep-so my door doesn’t close tightly 😦 It did come with tons of labels which I was originally really excited about-but they are paper and after washing all jars, letting them dry, putting labels on, and waking up the next morning to find ALL of them starting to peel off!

DSC_0244So this is the cupboard I was planning on putting the organizer into but now I am starting to re-organize BOTH and put this bad boy on the bottom now-which really does change everything but oh well I don’t want to have to return it.

Oooo-oooo that fabric bin on the top shelf is all the fun baking stuff-food coloring, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, etc.

DSC_0239So as you can see the bottom shelf is still CRAZY!  I have to buy more jars, and another organizer.

DSC_0240I put it in the bottom cupboard and it seems to fit – but it is super low, we will see how it works out!

Also since I am not going to use the provided labels I am going to print my own!  I LOVE the chalkboard looking ones from world label.

Soon I hope to have an AFTER photo!  And be completely done with spices.