a word I say at least once a day.  I know I have said it in the past that my new years resolution for 2012 is to be organized, whenever I need something I want to be able to go right to it and not have to “look” for it! So today I started with the linen closet it has been bugging me for awhile so I just did something about it….

so I forgot to take a BEFORE but this is all the stuff that was in the closet …. (plus two boys and a tractor :-))

Here is the closet after I wiped all the shelves out and swept the bottom



(boys kept putting things back on the shelves, they are so fast)


top shelf:a down comforter (new in bag), extra pillow cases

2nd shelf: sheet sets in their pillow cases, crib sets

3rd shelf: extra paper towels, toilet paper and soap/body wash

4th shelf: towels…(4 stacks)

5th shelf: wash cloths (3 stacks), hand towels (3 stacks)

bottom shelf: extra blankets and pillow all in a comforter bag so they will stay clean, dust free, and in one place