Very berry green smoothie recipe

Our Favorite Smoothie Recipe


We have always loved smoothies for breakfast — both the littlest and I are not lovers of breakfast {at breakfast time} so we love to try new smoothies.  So far this by far is our most favorite.

Very Berry Green Smoothie

1 Banana Frozen in to chunks*

1/2 cup mixed berries {or any berry of your choice}

1/4 cup greek yogurt {we love honey flavor}

2 TBSP dry oatmeal

1/2 cup apple juice {or milk, orange juice, pineapple juice}

1 big handful of baby spinach


Add all ingredients to blender and blend till smooth. If it won’t blend up easily you can always add a little bit more liquid.


*Note- I always freeze my bananas into about 3 chunks per banana onto a foil lined baking sheet, then when they are completely frozen I put them all into a gallon sized ziploc bag.


I never really liked the icy chunks when you have to add ice to a smoothie so I always try to use everything frozen.






Friday Pinterest Favorites

100_6373with warm weather here..(hope it stays) it brings so many more options, summer salads, hamburgers, outdoor play/projects, gardening and more so I am here to show you my favorites this week.

These homemade Bread Machine pretzel buns are AMAZING!! find the recipe {and lots more yummy recipes} here

Trying hard to be healthy-and this makes it so convenient-  Those two words are usually NEVER in the same sentance.  Find the recipe here.

I haven’t tried this yet but oh goodness does it look amazing-the link is here.

I don’t even think this needs words…its beautiful, relaxing, romantic, {kid-friendly} and semi looks like what our back yard “could” look like-key words could 🙂 link is here

What more could say summer than a SUPER cute homemade bag-you can never have too many bags right? find the link here

Freezer Preparing

I have been trying to cook healthy, save money, and get food on the table before 6 my answer is freezer preparing.  That is what I have chosen to call it because I don’t usually have to “cook” much before it goes straight into the freezer.


Cafe Rio Style Burritos-Our absolute favorite!!  you can find the recipe here.  You will regret it if you don’t try it.

02222013256 - CopyThis Ham and Cheese braid was yummy ( a little less of the ranch packet and it would have been perfect)

Find the recipe here


Green Chicken Enchiladas–this was so yummy!!  recipe here


Sausage doesn’t sound amazing but oh it is!  you can find the recipe here

These are just a few of the favorites from the last couple weeks!  They all got 2 thumbs up from all three boys.

5 Dinners in 1 hour

So we are trying something new-I have only recieved the “sample week” so far but it went pretty well.  We LOVED 4 out of the 5 meals.

So the point of the 5 dinners in 1 hour website is so on Sunday (or day of your choosing) you make all five meals (recipes, and grocery shopping list included)  and put them in the fridge to bake or pop in the slow cooker later in the week.

-Orange Glazed Turkey Patties – served with Green salad and broccoli  (not one of our favorites, loved the salad and       broccoli!!)

-Slow Cooked Meatball Stew – served with mashed potatoes (got two thumbs up from everyone)

-Baked Mexican Chicken Penne – served with green beans (so so good)

-Roasted Shrimp with Tomatoes and feta (*minus the feta) – served with rice and peas (mmmm.mmmm.mmm)

-Slow Cooked Bacon and Potato soup – (ABSOLUTE FAVORITE)  never will have a different potato soup again

*this is how you order and what you get when you do order.

Order a Menu

Monthly Dinner Menu Subscription ($15.00 recurring every 3 months until canceled)

Do not log out of Paypal once payment is made.  It will take you to a  page on my blog to sign up for the auto mailer.  Please be patient, it may take a minute or two.  If you skip this step it will delay your order.
*The name you enter for the menu mailer must match the name on your Paypal account.  The email may be different but the name must match.