goals for this week…

a little behind I know since well it’s Thursday. Working on goals to link up to Blogelina. It seems like the weeks lately seem to go by REALLY fast, and I don’t get very much done 😦 but this is a new year, right? 2012 is the year of blogging regularly and organization.

Blog Goals

1) write a blog post at least 3 times a week..

2) start a blogging series: Friday – wrap up with pinterest favorites ?

Wednesday – work on a new project?

Sunday – say nothing just a picture?

just a few ideas I have been throwing around.

3) along the lines of the pictures-I am trying to get better about pictures of my second child – I feel like I have TONS of pictures of my first and only a few here and there of #2 😦  Not only do I want to take pictures more frequently, I would like to actually get better at taking the photographs as well.

Personal Goals

1) go through one room a week – donate, keep, trash, and organize until COMPLETE.

( I have this problem that I start with a room until I find something that is supposed to be in a different room then I get completely side tracked and either forget what I was originally doing, or I start working on that new room 😦 )

2) now with trying out cloth diapers – keep up with Laundry, work up to having AT lEAST 25 inserts and 4 diapers.

3) work on my inventory of cloth diapers, bibs, and crayon rolls– I know craft fairs aren’t until almost a year away, but why not get started on building my inventory now?