Friday Pinterest Favorites!

This week we have been doing a lot to prepare our home for new siding and windows… WOOP WOOP

so I will show you my favorites

I love this porch light – I want it a little “less shiny” though.  A little more of a rustic feel.

I do LOVE LOVE this but it may be a little too large of scale!  but I love the lines and feel.

I am almost positive this is the light we are going to go with. Find it here.

Now lets move on to the garage door…remember we are trying to stay on a budget 🙂

while staying on a budget this is BEAUTIFUL!!…find the link here and I believe a tutorial.

I know this isn’t very exciting or pretty but it is very practical and keep all the unwanted leaves and dirt out.

find the link here

House numbers … there are SOO many choices.

I love how simple these numbers are….and so beautiful.  (I bet pretty reasonably priced too) find it here.

I love this too…a little more ornate-but still very beautiful. Find it here.

Craft Room re-do

I have slowly been figuring what I need to finish my craft room, I knew the look I was looking for, and I knew what pieces I was going to use that I already have, but actually going through with the clearing off of the bookshelves and moving them was the part that takes some time-

wpid-wp-1400611656126.jpgSorry phone pics and the light is SOO off-but you get the point! I am still waiting to find just the right door for my table {little skinnier, and a little longer-like what we all wish for right ;-)}  also so it makes for a little bit more workspace-but for now untill I find the door that calls my name this will work great!

wpid-wp-1400611624429.jpgHere is a different angle-I am excited for the way it turned out! Now I also am in look out for a wide dresser that I can paint and do a few tricks to – that I have up my sleeve and have been dying to try!

wpid-wp-1400611645092.jpgI can’t wait to do a little something to this wall—and eventually paint the whole room !!

clean-out and a re-arrange *boys room*

I started out by just picking up the boys’ room, and then I just seemed frustrated. Too much stuff in a small {pretty big but seemed small} space. So i started with 2 garbage bags and a actual garbage can, I started going through first the closet and picking through each shirt, jacket, and checking sizes.  Moving from one side to the other if outgrown, and if it was too small for both boys into one of the bags.  After all closets and drawers were cleaned out I had one STUFFED bag of clothes and shoes. {sorry in advance-this post is lengthy and contains TONS of pictures}

{before: of the dresser, outgrown diaper basket, art/homework table}



{After: moved to the other side of the room so I can actually see the map-I would love to paint this dresser someday}

DSC_0022{before: the book shelf, EVERYTHING that L1 loves to have displayed and an explosion of toys}


{after: book shelf completely gone through and organized – some books are going to a new home, and you can actually see the WHOLE map!}


Next I organized all the boys’ dresser drawers-having only one dresser to share and having quite a selection of clothes, things can get crazy. I will show you my solution though, and so far it seems to work pretty well for them.

{drawer #1-L1 socks on left, L1 undies middle, L2 socks right}

DSC_0043{Drawer #2 –  L1’s Shorts left to comfy pants middle to jeans right}

All folded and stacked on their side as you can see, so he can see everything he has without digging and pulling out everything {not like he did that in the past or anything}.


{Drawer #3 – another shared drawer.  L1’s jammies on the left and L2’s jammies on the right.  Tops and bottoms together so they can grab and go. Since if your a momma of boys you know NOTHING happens slowly!!}

DSC_0040{Drawer #4-is all L2’s far left is his undies [very reachable] then shorts, comfy pants and jeans}

DSC_0041{the left side of the closet is L2’s side and short sleeve shirts on the top bar and long sleeve shirts/jackets are on the bottom bar.  L2’s shoes are on the bottom shelf.  You can see the toy “bins” that we did a year or so ago are still on the shelf and we love it this way…read about that change here}

DSC_0027{L1’s side of the closet!!  I can tell by his shirts he is getting so big}

DSC_0028Map and clock wall-I let the boys point to places on the globe to put their time on the clocks. Turkey and China it was.

DSC_0039 {I love the ikea spice rack – book shelves-I have moved the bed since I put them up a year ago or so, so they aren’t centered any more, but it seems to work just fine–they love to have their books within arms reach.} DSC_0052


spice problem

I have this problem with not only having too many spices, but they are all in different jars, bottles, containers, and some I buy just a small amount from the bulk area and they are in bags. So organization is VERY minimal.  I am trying though.

I forgot to take a BEFORE picture of them all crazy in the cupboard but here is most of them on the counter.  DSC_0246

I actually have already started putting some of my spices in these cute glass jars from Bed Bath and Beyond-at only .99 cents a piece I just went for it.

I also bought this organizer to go in my upper cabinet.

DSC_0241but when I got it home it is just a hair to deep-so my door doesn’t close tightly 😦 It did come with tons of labels which I was originally really excited about-but they are paper and after washing all jars, letting them dry, putting labels on, and waking up the next morning to find ALL of them starting to peel off!

DSC_0244So this is the cupboard I was planning on putting the organizer into but now I am starting to re-organize BOTH and put this bad boy on the bottom now-which really does change everything but oh well I don’t want to have to return it.

Oooo-oooo that fabric bin on the top shelf is all the fun baking stuff-food coloring, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, etc.

DSC_0239So as you can see the bottom shelf is still CRAZY!  I have to buy more jars, and another organizer.

DSC_0240I put it in the bottom cupboard and it seems to fit – but it is super low, we will see how it works out!

Also since I am not going to use the provided labels I am going to print my own!  I LOVE the chalkboard looking ones from world label.

Soon I hope to have an AFTER photo!  And be completely done with spices.

it’s that time of year again….


This year is flying by I can’t even believe that school will be out in three short months. In four short months I will have a SEVEN year old—oh goodness gracious, Well excited to see what we get accomplished this Break!…I plan to finish a lot of projects, organization, and CLEANING!!

I have printed some cute decor prints to re-decorate a little for spring.  I need to put them in frames, I printed a checklist for Little T- for morning, afternoon, and night. I am really trying to ingrain a routine into him so I don’t have to sound like a broken record all day long.  I don’t think I am asking too much- he is six now-and should know what is expected of him.

I really want to make a growth chart out of reclaimed wood-organize our linen closet, get a after-school snack system going, and a reward bin filled!  A few months ago we started a punch card system-and a 6-dime-a-day electronic system, (maybe a post about both of these soon) so far they have been working pretty well, except the bin needs re-filled.  Also I need to be better about really sticking to *when you are good and finish your stuff, then it results in a reward*

My list is a mile long I feel like-

*home-made gifts for 2 friends babies

*re-claimed growth chart x3

*organize linen closet

*2 crib quilts for two adorable little girlies

*spring cleaning

*spice cupboard

*pantry labels

*sew a few tote bags

*frame daily checklist

*gallery wall

*spring decor

*sand and paint dining table and benches

*cut some more limbs off our crazy amount of trees


Ok so I guess we will start with this list and see how far we get this week 🙂

Friday Pinterest Favorites


I found a new favorite Blog…

I am a little obsessed, thank goodness I was productive yesterday because today I have literally sat here and read this blog for a few (or more) hours

she has a great pinterest board and tons of amazing ideas.

here are a few that I *heart* most

i need spice organization BADLY, and these are so pretty, and bright,

how cute, happy and ready for spring is this canvas

such cute grocery list *free* printables, vibrant colors and fun clip art


and I already printed just have to put in a cute frame I am so excited hoping to do a gallery wall of some sorts SOONer than later

and her House Tour is simply inspiring that is all I can say go check it out HERE

have fun checking her blog out…(set an alarm so you don’t forget to get your kiddos from school) 🙂

a little more organization is on the menu

I really have been kicking it in gear when it comes to organizing the piles, cupboards, drawers, shelves, closets and everything else in our home-this week I was pushed a little harder and faster than I wanted but my little boy who is 2 and a half-ish decided he wanted to start getting into EVERYTHING-he sees mommy and daddy cleaning so today I got out of the bathroom after probably 2minutes and 22 seconds had passed and he was washing his Mcqueen and Ramone cars with my favorite Awesome Cleaner –  So I knew I needed to change something about all the cleaners  being under the kitchen sink.

So here was my solution…a over the door shoe holder from Walmart-(30 minute drive for me but it was half the price of target) for $5.86

it has just enough room for my foil, garbage bags cleaners, extra sponges and everything else that was living under the sink..and the 2nd best part about it it…I don’t have to get on my hands and knees with a flashlight just to find a new sponge.


Next I decided while I am at it I might as well get a 2nd shoe holder for all of our first aide/medicines.


The door is in my sewing room, so it works perfect-since we NEVER close this door so no one really even knows ALL of this is behind there-also it freed up SO much space in our bathroom drawers/medicine cabinets/ and in my closet.

I think this was the best $11.72 I have spent in a LONG time

updates to closet makeover..

My lovely husband helped me (installed) the Martha Stewart closet kit for me in our master bedroom-So far we love it, it isn’t as *pretty* as I would hope it to be yet but it is super functional and holds everything we need.  I LOVE the shoe holder and how everything has a place-it’s not just thrown up on a shelf or on the floor.


We still need to get Bi-Fold door so we can open it completely up…I haven’t found the perfect ones for the perfect price yet….but soon


Also I completed the Boys’ closet – with my DIY project adding a shelf and cutting the existing rods to fit two on each side.

We have been using the system now for a month or so and there are a few things I will probably change…I still also need to label everything

Trenton’s side


Brayton’s side


The shelf in the middle fit their toy bins perfect—instead of having tons of small toys out all over the floor, or in bins (like we tried first)  which was a HUGE FAIL, I decided we would put them all in closed containers and get one out a day- it is like Christmas, they love playing with *new toys everyday.