24 Advocare challenge meal prep.

I promised you I would show you some of my meal prep…and here it is. In our “group” we don’t do grains, beans, dairy, soda, or sugars so I couldn’t go by any of the meal plans I found on Pinterest so I went ahead and came up with my own.


Chicken thighs were on sale at Freddies this last week so I bought the family pack, and came home and baked them ALL off.  After they were all cooked and the juices ran clear, I took off all the skin and started assembling them all together in containers,

I added a vegetable, this time I used the steam fresh green beans.


All packed together, lids on, and ready to go in the fridge, I made 7 meals, and left 3 without veggies, I planned on using the chicken in a salad or using a different veggie for those days.

something new

This week I have had a few blogging goals.. starting with the obvious of getting my stats up, ultimately isn’t that every bloggers dream? With that being said, I don’t want to have 100 views daily if the people that are viewing are not even the slightest bit interested in what I am saying. { So I am also today putting up a poll or trying to and may have to update this post with one. } look for it in my sidebar…under Give Me Feedback…let me know what your thinking.

I am very passionate about a lot of things in life, but I feel like I love so much that I forget to enjoy each and every one individually. I also forget to set goals, time-limits, and rewards for my self.

Blogging is definitely a lot of work, don’t get me wrong exciting, fun, and rewarding work. I am still in the first phases of my blog even though it has been almost 3 years since my first blog post. I am just now starting to understand {kinda} what goes into a blog.

I am not making money like a lot of bloggers that I read about — maybe someday.  I don’t have 500 followers, I don’t have sponsors, giveaways, and link parties,yet. Someday I may have all those things. {oh and I hope I do} until then, I need to keep pushing forward and reading, not comparing myself to anyone.

As a woman I know how easy it is to compare yourself as a person, hair color/length, body size/shape, fashion.  Then in blogging, I don’t have a perfect dream home, i didn’t build my home, I haven’t decorated my home to a T, my kids are not good at picking up after themselves {work in process}, they don’t make their bed everyday.

Keeping it in mind with all that said, I am so grateful for the things that I do do that I don’t give myself enough credit for, I am a mom of two boys, I make dinner {almost} everyday, I have freezer meals ready in the freezer for days that are hectic, I know how to use my bread maker, I enjoy using pinterest for what I believe it was created for, recipe swaps, home decor ideas, free printables, and the way of sharing your blogs.

I enjoy all comments and feedback. I also love looking at everyone’s instagram photos and pinterest boards.

spice problem

I have this problem with not only having too many spices, but they are all in different jars, bottles, containers, and some I buy just a small amount from the bulk area and they are in bags. So organization is VERY minimal.  I am trying though.

I forgot to take a BEFORE picture of them all crazy in the cupboard but here is most of them on the counter.  DSC_0246

I actually have already started putting some of my spices in these cute glass jars from Bed Bath and Beyond-at only .99 cents a piece I just went for it.

I also bought this organizer to go in my upper cabinet.

DSC_0241but when I got it home it is just a hair to deep-so my door doesn’t close tightly 😦 It did come with tons of labels which I was originally really excited about-but they are paper and after washing all jars, letting them dry, putting labels on, and waking up the next morning to find ALL of them starting to peel off!

DSC_0244So this is the cupboard I was planning on putting the organizer into but now I am starting to re-organize BOTH and put this bad boy on the bottom now-which really does change everything but oh well I don’t want to have to return it.

Oooo-oooo that fabric bin on the top shelf is all the fun baking stuff-food coloring, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, etc.

DSC_0239So as you can see the bottom shelf is still CRAZY!  I have to buy more jars, and another organizer.

DSC_0240I put it in the bottom cupboard and it seems to fit – but it is super low, we will see how it works out!

Also since I am not going to use the provided labels I am going to print my own!  I LOVE the chalkboard looking ones from world label.

Soon I hope to have an AFTER photo!  And be completely done with spices.

it’s that time of year again….


This year is flying by I can’t even believe that school will be out in three short months. In four short months I will have a SEVEN year old—oh goodness gracious, Well excited to see what we get accomplished this Break!…I plan to finish a lot of projects, organization, and CLEANING!!

I have printed some cute decor prints to re-decorate a little for spring.  I need to put them in frames, I printed a checklist for Little T- for morning, afternoon, and night. I am really trying to ingrain a routine into him so I don’t have to sound like a broken record all day long.  I don’t think I am asking too much- he is six now-and should know what is expected of him.

I really want to make a growth chart out of reclaimed wood-organize our linen closet, get a after-school snack system going, and a reward bin filled!  A few months ago we started a punch card system-and a 6-dime-a-day electronic system, (maybe a post about both of these soon) so far they have been working pretty well, except the bin needs re-filled.  Also I need to be better about really sticking to *when you are good and finish your stuff, then it results in a reward*

My list is a mile long I feel like-

*home-made gifts for 2 friends babies

*re-claimed growth chart x3

*organize linen closet

*2 crib quilts for two adorable little girlies

*spring cleaning

*spice cupboard

*pantry labels

*sew a few tote bags

*frame daily checklist

*gallery wall

*spring decor

*sand and paint dining table and benches

*cut some more limbs off our crazy amount of trees


Ok so I guess we will start with this list and see how far we get this week 🙂

goals for this week…

a little behind I know since well it’s Thursday. Working on goals to link up to Blogelina. It seems like the weeks lately seem to go by REALLY fast, and I don’t get very much done 😦 but this is a new year, right? 2012 is the year of blogging regularly and organization.

Blog Goals

1) write a blog post at least 3 times a week..

2) start a blogging series: Friday – wrap up with pinterest favorites ?

Wednesday – work on a new project?

Sunday – say nothing just a picture?

just a few ideas I have been throwing around.

3) along the lines of the pictures-I am trying to get better about pictures of my second child – I feel like I have TONS of pictures of my first and only a few here and there of #2 😦  Not only do I want to take pictures more frequently, I would like to actually get better at taking the photographs as well.

Personal Goals

1) go through one room a week – donate, keep, trash, and organize until COMPLETE.

( I have this problem that I start with a room until I find something that is supposed to be in a different room then I get completely side tracked and either forget what I was originally doing, or I start working on that new room 😦 )

2) now with trying out cloth diapers – keep up with Laundry, work up to having AT lEAST 25 inserts and 4 diapers.

3) work on my inventory of cloth diapers, bibs, and crayon rolls– I know craft fairs aren’t until almost a year away, but why not get started on building my inventory now?