Envelope pillow cover

So I decided to add a couple personalized touches to the boy’s room-

With Trenton I wanted to try the ruffled Letter–lets just say it was the first time i made this and now i know where i can improve. Next time i will not have white in the “letter” fabric (since you can see the white stripes).

On the back of this one I did the blue/green/white stripe fabric to give it some visual interest.

I did the “envelope” design (sorry forgot to take a pic-I will try to post one later) but the pillow measured 16 inches by 16 inches so on the back I cut two pieces of the fabric 17×10 and overlapped them so i can always wash and/or put a new insert.

and on Brayton’s i wanted to try the freezer paper stencil – so I cut out the “B” out of freezer paper and ironed (shiny side down) onto fabric and then spray painted, Β YES Β spray paint you heard me right, spray paint the whole piece of fabric-then just sew the front to back just like a slip cover.

Only one mistake on this one..the B is just a little too far into the corner.

Then i sewed just like Trenton’s the back is an envelope, 2 peices cut 17×10 and overlapped.